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extreme environment coating system

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Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coating is the first metal coating system designed specifically for the extreme conditions of today's petroleum industry. Z-PEX is the only coating system that provides both base-metal corrosion resistance and surface abrasion resistance. Utilizing a unique coating process, Z-PEX treated materials remain unaffected by diverse hydrocarbons, H2S, saltwater and carbonic acids. Additionally, this coating dramatically lower the Coefficient of Friction, decreasing the likelihood of abrasion.

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Introducing Z-PEX 

the benefits

Z-PEX can replace stainless steel, and other exotic metallurgies, in most applications as it has a higher chemical resistance. Coming in at less than a third of the cost and a lifespan lasting seven times longer, the outcome is reduced downtime from premature failure.

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Z-PEX vs competitors

Head-to-head testing against Endurobond

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Oil & Gas

Read what makes Z-PEX the premier choice for Oil & Gas and beyond.


Testing and case studies

Learn how Z-PEX holds up in real world applications.

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