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Milford Companies – Mobile Repair Is Here


MIDLAND, TX, JUNE 16, 2022

Milford Companies debuts Milford Mobile Repair
The Milford Companies announced this week that it has officially rolled out its Milford Mobile Repair service in the Permian Basin.

With this new service, the companies’ team of McElroy Certified Master Mechanics offers onsite repair of McElroy Fusion equipment, regardless of whether it was rented from a Milford store, or not. Additionally, Milford Mechanics will bring out a comparable unit so that the client can continue work while the downed machine is being repaired.

“Milford’s new customer-centric service is one-of-a-kind in that we can greatly reduce the associated costs of project downtime by bringing out a working unit for the client, further positioning us as a leader in infrastructure services,” said Martin Castaneda, Marketing Manager for The Milford Companies.

Executive Vice President, Jason Willis stated, “What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we’ve been in our customers shoes; we know the cost of downtime and how it can dramatically affect a job’s profitability. We want to provide a service that reflects this understanding and do what we can to support our customers by helping them minimize that cost.”

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About Milford
Founded in 1972, Milford, The Stronger Choice, is headquartered in Midland, Texas. Milford focuses on providing clientele with complete infrastructure solutions. Milford successfully executes multifaceted design, procurement, and technical support services. Milford provides an elite team of individuals who meet requirements and exceed expectations on safety, teamwork, and time/budget constraints across the United States. Milford’s goal is to ensure a flawless customer experience while providing the highest quality of customer service. For more information, visit