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We Design

Full-service in-house engineering and design capabilities

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Multiple retail stocking distribution locations throughout the United States

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From contractor support, fusion technician services, to full in-house certified training


We design

Milford offers full infrastructure design and engineering services for your project by working closely with your project management team to develop the right solution for your specific job needs. Milford FEED services (Front End Engineering and Design) serve as the foundation for all of our projects. Our industry-leading engineering team specializes in hydraulic analysis, surge studies, as-built drawings, power control systems, mechanical engineering, and civil and structural engineering.


we supply

Milford operates multiple retail pipe, valve and fitting stores conveniently located throughout the United States, offering all the material and rental equipment required for your infrastructure needs. Our retail staff are highly knowledgeable and thoroughly trained on our supply offerings, ensuring that our customers have the parts to get the job done right.

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we support

From fusion technician services and contractor support, to technical and material support, Milford is the answer for your project needs. Because at Milford, our pride is in providing unmatched customer service through our design & supply expertise and by working hand-in-hand with the best contractors in our serviceable areas.
Providing a flawless customer experience, Milford is The Stronger Choice.

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