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Milford Joins Winsupply Family of Local Companies

Milford Joins Winsupply Family of Local Companies

Dayton, OH, December 1, 2023


Winsupply Acquires Milford Companies

Dayton, OH (December 1, 2023) – Winsupply Inc., one of the largest distributors in the nation, has successfully acquired Milford Companies, a leading distributor of pipe, valve, and fitting (PVF) and Water Works. Milford Companies has been operating since 1972, supplying materials and rental equipment required for customers’ infrastructure needs, with five locations across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The details of the purchase were not disclosed. Sparkstone Capital Advisors represented Milford Companies during this transaction.

Chase Brown, who currently serves as the COO of Milford Companies, will continue leading the company as President. He is thrilled about joining the Winsupply Family of Companies and looks forward to leading Milford Companies through the next phase of their entrepreneurial journey. Chase stated, “It’s truly rare to find two businesses that share each other’s core values like Milford and Winsupply. Milford has been part of my family for three generations now, so I didn’t take it lightly when we decided to find a partner. We had the privilege of exploring various options during this process, and Winsupply stood out as the clear choice to carry our legacy forward. From our first meeting, it was clear that our styles of business were nearly identical. We are confident that this partnership will not only preserve the rich history of our business, but also pave the way for many more generations of entrepreneurial success.”

Following the acquisition, Shawn Beard, the CEO of Milford, will continue to play a pivotal role in the business as an actively involved leader and member of the board of directors. Shawn stated, “The Winsupply partnership honestly checked all the boxes for what was important to me personally and professionally. Milford is over 50 years old. There have been many people who were critical to the success and stewardship of its legacy. Along the way, many ‘Heroes’ stepped up and did what was needed to ensure Milford’s legacy was achieved and protected. I am honored to be one of the many over the last 23 years. For me, entrusting Milford’s future into someone else’s hands was almost impossible. But my impossible decision was easily made over the weeks and months of discussions. The level of confidence that my team had in Winsupply was evident. The trust and faith in their message and spirits showed me all I needed to know. There was no doubt that our people, our customers, and our strategic vendors would be in good hands. Milford and Winsupply…They are, ‘The Stronger Choice’ …Nationwide.”

Throughout the process, Steve Coen, Director of Business Development, spent significant time with Milford Companies. “From the first meeting with Milford’s leadership team, we knew they had something special that would work great within the Winsupply model,” said Steve. Steve also stated that “Milford excels at wholesale distribution, showcasing a strength that aligns well with the strategic goals of Winsupply. Milford’s emphasis on customer success is evident, as Milford has dedicated efforts to create services that contribute to their customers’ victories.”

Looking ahead, there is a shared excitement about the future of Milford, and Winsupply anticipates continued growth and success. “Winsupply is excited to expand its growth within the PVF and Water Works industry in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma,” said Greg Holbrock, Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions. “The Milford Companies, led by Shawn Beard and Chase Brown, have a top-notch professional team. We could not be more excited to add this organization to the Winsupply Family of Companies, where we provide best-in-class supplies and service to our customers. The partnership will position Winsupply for continued strategic growth opportunities and expand the organization’s waterworks portfolio.

In the Winsupply business model, Winsupply is the majority owner of its companies, reflecting its shared-ownership business model in which local entrepreneurs have the autonomy to decide how best to serve their customers, and to share in the financial risks and rewards of ownership.


About Winsupply: Winsupply is in the business of creating and enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through wholesale distribution. We call this “The Spirit of Opportunity,” and it motivates each and every business decision that is made.

As one of America’s leading suppliers of materials for residential and commercial construction, Winsupply Inc. owns a majority equity stake in more than 660 local companies across the United States. Collectively, Winsupply is known as “The Winsupply Family of Companies” and includes Win-branded locations, Noland Company, Carr Supply, APCO, and other acquired regional suppliers.

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