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Victaulic Distributor

Patented in 1919, Victaulic is the originator and world’s leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions, including grooved fittings and couplings. Originally known as The Victory Pipe Joint Company, Victaulic began to market a revolutionary new concept in the piping industry — a mechanical bolted coupling that would engage into grooves and use a gasket seal. The concept of the “victory joint”, joining pipe with bolted mechanical grooved couplings and grooved fittings, originated during World War I for rapid deployment of fuel and water lines to Allied forces. Later, combining the words “Victory” and “Hydraulics” the company name was shortened to Victaulic, and the company began to shift its focus to commercial piping applications to market its new innovative method of joining pipe.

Once again, Milford is proud to offer the high quality products of Victaulic as “The Stronger Choice” for all your piping needs.