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Milford Q1 Safety


MONAHANS, TX, March 30, 2021 – Milford, an EPC corporation headquartered in Midland, TX held its Permian Safety Meeting for the first quarter of 2021.

Even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Milford Companies has been dedicated to not only be the Stronger Choice for its customers, but to also offer the safest work environment for their clients and employees.

The Executive team hosted its first quarterly safety meeting of 2021 at the Monahans Convention center to a crowd of about 100, consisting of employees ranging from field laborers to upper management. Beginning with Chief Operating Officer, Chase Brown, the message was simple, “everything we do starts and ends with safety.” Employees were encouraged to continue to buy in to Milford’s safety commitment for the benefit of the company as well as themselves. If there was any doubt on the seriousness of Milford’s pledge to safety, they were quickly put to rest when Brown issued a physical “Stop Work Authority” card to all employees. With their card, employees are granted the right to stop any job deemed unsafe without repercussions, so long as stopped in good faith. The cards were inscribed with a personal message and guarantee from the COO himself.

The meeting continued with several presenters, including a moving presentation from Executive Vice President, Jason Willis, on the impact of work injuries beyond the workplace. To further drive home their safety message, the company recognized Roman Puente, Jose Castro, Jose Bustamante and Luis Hernandez as Milford Mentors. This distinguishment identifies those individuals as a go-to when out in the field, as they have continuously demonstrated excellence in their field, and serve as role models for all Milford employees. Continuing their recognition, Milford also granted Foreman, Jessica Lawler the Excellence in Safety Award for the first quarter. Lawler is not only a leader for the company but can be viewed as a model and champion of safety for the company.

The emphasis on safety is nothing new for Milford and is not just a tool to ensure employee security. While the goal is to make sure each employee returns home safely every night, ultimately the commitment benefits our customers. By minimizing workplace incidents and maximizing efficiency, Milford affords the opportunity to utilize bigger, better, and newer technologies by investing monies saved from incidents back into the company.

In short, when clients utilize Milford services, The Stronger Choice is also The Safer Choice.

About Milford

Founded in 1972, Milford, The Stronger Choice, is headquartered in Midland, Texas. Milford focuses on providing clientele with true turnkey solutions. Milford successfully executes multifaceted engineering, procurement, and construction projects. Milford provides an elite team of individuals who work to meet requirements and exceed expectations on safety, teamwork, and time/budget constraints across the United States. Milford’s goal is to ensure a flawless customer experience while providing the highest quality of customer service. For more information, visit