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Heat Stress: Hydration


MIDLAND, TX, JULY 28, 2021 – Milford, an EPC corporation headquartered in Midland, TX, shares monthly safety tip.

When you work in conditions where there are high temperatures, radiant heat sources, strenuous physical activity, high humidity or direct contact with hot objects, there is a high potential for suffering from heat stress.

Heat rash – Clusters of red bumps that look like pimples, usually on neck, chest, groin areas
Care – Place in cool dry area, keep rash dry
Heat cramps – Muscle spasms, pain or cramping in the abdomen, arms or calves
Care – Stop activity and move to a cool area, drink sports drink or water and wait for cramps to subside before resuming activity
Heat exhaustion – heavy sweating, dizziness, cool moist skin, rapid or weak pulse, cramps, nausea/vomiting
Care – Stop activity and move to a cool area, loosen clothing and place cool wet rags on body, sip water slowly
Heat stroke – high body temperature (103), hot red damp skin, rapid pulse, severe headache, losing consciousness, nausea/vomiting
Care – CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO DRINK, move to cool area, loosen clothing and place cool wet rags on body, and monitor closely.

• Keep an eye on the heat index when you will be working outdoors.
• Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress.
• Take rest breaks as necessary and keep you and your team hydrated by drinking plenty of water or noncaffeinated beverages. Continue hydrating throughout the day and evening.
• Avoid drinking energy drinks such as: Redbull®, Monster®, NOS®, etc…
• Wear light colored, loosely fitted clothing unless you work around machinery with moving parts.
• If possible, keep yourself shaded from direct sunlight. Use sunshades if you can.
• Avoid alcohol and caffeine as these types of drinks can dehydrate you.
• Watch out for signs of heat illness in your coworkers too. If possible, have a buddy system to help you check in on an assigned coworker and vice versa.

Most people don’t even realize they have signs or symptoms until they move into the more severe heat stress area. If heat stress does occur move the injured worker to a cool area and give them water to drink.

Questions to Generate Discussion:
• What is the heat index going to be today?
• How can we prepare for hot weather at the jobsite?
• Do we have enough cool water?
• Do we have cool areas for resting?

Be Safe by Choice, Not by Chance. The Milford way!

For more information on preventing heat related illness, follow the link below:

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