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Squeeze off tools

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line squeeze?

Squeeze-off is a technique used to control the flow of gas or liquid in polyethylene pipe by compressing the pipe between parallel bars until the inside surfaces make contact. The flexibility and toughness of most polyethylene pipes allow the pipe to recover from a properly made squeeze-off without a measurable loss in service life.

Milford provides a full line of squeeze tools ranging from ½” CTS through 16" SDR7. We have compiled a complete product line description along with valuable information to assist you in making the correct decision regarding squeeze tools. Please take a look and if you have further questions feel free to contact us directly. Put our 40 years of pipe squeezing experience to work for you.


Milford Squeeze

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Manual Squeeze

PE Pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" CTS to 8" IPS


Hydraulic Squeeze

Heavy-duty applications ranging from 6" IPS to 16" SDR7

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