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high pressure fiberglass pipe & fittings

Introducing repsa

All the way from Argentina, REPSA has been a leader in high-pressure fiberglass line pipe and fittings for over 50 years. With our new partnership, Milford is now the exclusive dealer for REPSA GRE material in the US.

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Welcome to REPSA

GRE Line Pipe

REPSA GRE line pipe is an excellent choice for high- and low-pressure applications in the energy and infrastructure sector. Their high corrosion and mechanical resistance paired with their compatibility with varying fluids make them a premier, energy saving option for less than the price of stainless steel.


Line Pipe 65

High Pressure Line Pipe Operable up to 149°F


Line Pipe 85

High Pressure Line Pipe Operable up to 185°F


Line Pipe 95

High Pressure Line Pipe Operable up to 203°F

GRE Threaded fittings

REPSA high-pressure fittings are constructed for the conveyance of water, oil and gas under high pressures. The Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) design ensures optimum performance in temperatures up to 212°F. These high-pressure GRE fittings are made to accompany our GRE line pipe in the fight against common corrosives found in all our serviceable applications.



High Pressure Threaded Fittings Operable up to 248°F

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