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pipeline marking & detection

line identification

Detector Tape

Detectable underground marking tape provides for easy buried pipeline detection and identification of utility infrastructure, protecting against costly damage to underground pipelines and infrastructure. Detector tape is 5 mils thick consisting of aluminum foil encased between two layers of virgin polyethylene plastic. The foil is visible from both sides of the tape and no inks or print extend to the edges. All ink is laminated to protect the printed warning message.
Stock tapes are available in 2”, 3”, 6” and 12” in a variety of utility related colors and legends. Wider widths and custom legends can easily be manufactured to your specifications. All tapes are manufactured in accordance with the APWA National Color Code.


Pipeline markers

The Rhino TriView Marking System’s patented design provides 360° visibility, enhanced durability, and is impact & weather resistant (UV- and temperature-stable), displaying superior functionality you won’t find in any other damage prevention marking product. Use the TriView marker post for new damage prevention installations, or to upgrade existing fiberglass posts/U-channel posts to high visibility markers.

test stations

Test Stations – The TriView Test Station is the most durable and flexible test station on the market today. It will protect tracer wire from mowers while warning potential excavators to make a one-call. Made from RhinoPoly, the TriView Test Station will help cut costs by serving as a pipeline marker that outlasts the competition. The station’s removable cap protects terminals form the elements, and by adding an optional locking cap, restricts access to the wires and hardware located inside. The TriView Test Station has the industry standard 11-hole terminal board, or you can choose up to 3 external terminals. Shunts, jumps, and/or custom hardware also available.


Tracer Wire

When installing buried pipe and various lines, utilization of tracer wire is one of the most effective methods in preventing future damages and is the most commonly used tool in locating buried pipeline in the infrastructure industry. Service companies installing any type of underground pipelines can work in confidence knowing that the locating signal of our tracer wire will provide accurate coordination of digging for maintenance and repairs.

Milford offers Agave Wire Tracer as our preferred tracer wire for our construction services. Agave Wire copper-clad steel products are approved by UI for location applications to ensure the product carries a strong locating signal. Utilizing soft-drawn annealed copper-clad steel, Agave eliminates reel recoil issues in the field during installation and contains the same corrosion resistant properties of copper, as well as the flexibility and memory. What sets Agave apart from copper is its lower cost with better price stability and its strength; over 40% stronger break load than copper. Agave is recommended for direct burial due to its durable PE insulated clad, and is manufactured in the USA.

pigging products

Milford carries the highest quality line of pigging products for all your various maintenance operations, effective in times when you can’t afford to stop the flow of your pipeline. We currently offer an array of options in:

Foam pigs – Bare Foam, Wire brush, Coated, foam spheres, foam wiping pigs, plastic bristle, silicon-carbide, and special design foam pigs

Solid cast pigs – process, modular component, utility, spheres

Steel mandrel pigs – articulated, batching, brush cleaning, displacement, dual-diameter, multi-disc


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