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NUPI Oiltech – Oil Report

Traditional poly pipe is a good option for many applications; however, some flow-lines and pipelines transporting hydrocarbons may be better served with NUPI Oiltech pipe.  Poly pipe is susceptible to paraffin and scale build up over time, requiring costly hot oiling or chemical treatments to restore proper flow.  Also, poly pipe must be de-rated for pressure when delivering hydrocarbons.

To solve those problems, Milford Pipe and Supply offers NUPI Oiltech Y100 multi-layer pipe with a polyamid liner that is impermeable to hydrocarbons. Seamless NUPI pipe coils connect together with smooth-bore electrofusion couplings virtually eliminating scale and paraffin buildup, assuring full flow without costly hot oiling and chemical treatments.

The polyamid liner also protects NUPI pipe from the swelling and bursting that plague regular poly pipe, due to the absorption of hydrocarbons. Its abrasion resistance allows faster and more efficient flow, allowing fluids to be transferred more efficiently.

Y100 pipe features an HDPE outer layer, providing mechanical strength. The tie layer, between the HDPE and the inner lining, firmly ties the two layers together. The inner, modified PA layer, provides the chemical resistance and permeation barrier.

Its impermeability to hydrocarbons allows NUPI pipe to maintain its full pressure rating even when transporting hydrocarbons. It maintains its full rating of 300 psi at 68 degrees Fahrenheit in all applications.

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