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MILFORD Strategic Partnership & Distribution Agreement with TUBI


MIDLAND, TX, May 17, 2018 – Milford, an EPC corporation headquartered in Midland, TX has announced a strategic partnership and distribution agreement with TUBI USA, Inc., a HDPE pipe manufacturer with a patented mobile production system.

Marcello Russo, Tubi founder and CEO, says “Our production system has proven itself on projects in Australia and New Zealand and we are excited about putting our unique capabilities to work here in the United States. We’ve been looking for the right company to partner with in the US market for some time now, and Milford’s unique business structure that supports customers from project conception to completion is exactly what we were looking for.”

Utilizing custom designed shipping containers, the ISO:9001 registered TUBI system can be mobilized and deployed to remote project locations and producing HDPE pipe, on site, in as little as 48 hours. Pipe is manufactured to the highest industry standards, including ASTM and ISO, using the latest extrusion technology and quality control with lengths up to 300 feet versus the 50-foot lengths currently available in the market.

“We had one of our largest customers ask us if we could supply them HDPE pipe lengths in excess of 50 feet. When we let them know about the 300-foot length capabilities of Tubi, they basically demanded that we do our best to bring the system to the United States,” said Milford CEO, Shawn Beard. “While the reality is that Tubi will only represent a small percentage of our total HDPE pipe business, we feel this system will create great value for our customers.”

“The TUBI on-site extrusion is the first in the country and allows us to minimize logistic issues, while at the same time maximizing pipeline integrity. More importantly, it eliminates the biggest safety concern with HDPE pipe which is loading and unloading the pipe when it’s shipped on trucks,” said Mark Tufts, Milford Vice President of Business Development.

About Milford

Founded in 1972, Milford, The Stronger Choice, is headquartered in Midland, Texas. Milford focuses on providing clientele with true turnkey solutions. Milford successfully executes multifaceted engineering, procurement, and construction projects. Milford provides an elite team of individuals who work to meet requirements and exceed expectations on safety, teamwork, and time/budget constraints across the United States. Milford’s goal is to ensure a flawless customer experience while providing the highest quality of customer service. For more information, visit

About Tubi

TUBI originates back to the 1970’s with fixed factory plants and in 2009 TUBI re-invented its offering with global mobile modular pipe extrusion capability. TUBI has earned a reputation for delivering only the highest quality and services with unbeatable support. This wealth of industry knowledge and experience is now utilized with Tubi’s core patented technologies to provide our clients and community with unparalleled achievements. The TUBI team is at the forefront of next-generation, cutting-edge technologies that will supersede industry methodologies seen today.