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Safety Training

Milford has an outstanding safety record. Above all, we want to keep all personnel, as well as above and below ground structures, safely operating.

Milford is your solution for all of your company’s HDPE fusion and installation training.  Our team of poly fusion trainers have all been Master Certified by McElroy and will ensure that your technicians are properly trained to ensure a safe and profitable job site.  All of our training courses allow the students to put theory and instruction into practice. Each operator qualification session is divided into approximately 30% classroom instruction and 70% hands-on application to provide better learning opportunities and real-world experience with McElroy equipment and pipe fusion processes.

After operator qualification training is complete, students undergo testing, both written and hands-on, to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge required in the field as defined by ASTM standard F2620 and PPI technical reports TR-33 and TR-41. Students who successfully pass the test receive an operator qualification training certificate and wallet card. Certification lasts for two years and can be renewed with follow-up testing.

When it comes to training, we are here to serve you.  We would be happy to host a training course for your employees at one of our locations across the US, or we can come to you.